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Ever since the 19th century, trucks have been considered as one of the most important workhorses of modern man. They fill a variety of roles, ranging from heavy-duty construction to long-distance transportation. In many cases, many of the needed equipment for the job are loaded or built onto the trucks. The addition of a hydraulic arm or crane system allowed even more uses for trucks, particularly in reaching higher places that would otherwise have been difficult to access.



Aerial devices, such as bucket trucks, are extremely useful in certain industries as they allow workers to access high areas that are inaccessible through other types of equipment. For instance, cleaning and maintenance companies for commercial buildings use these aerial devices to clean windows and ceilings. Meanwhile, power utility companies also use such equipment to repair lines on power poles. (more…)

A good bucket truck can help its owner reach certain heights in order to perform a specific task. Bucket trucks are integral parts of the electric and telecommunication industries, as a lot of integral wirings are located above ground. These machines are also useful for fruit pickers looking to harvest every available fruit from a tree. (more…)

Bucket trucks are some of the most important machines used in utility work. They are virtual workhorses, experiencing use in various types of utility work including power, telecom, window washing, and even cherry picking. To maintain safety on any jobsite, follow these tips for the safe set up, operation, and care for these vehicles.


Bucket trucks are incredibly useful for reaching high spots effectively and easily. Yet as with any heavy equipment, bucket trucks can cause terrible accidents which lead to serious injury or worse. Although cherry pickers have safety features built into them, it certainly helps if users observe basic precautions while using them. (more…)

Several industries like electricity, telecommunications, construction and forestry depend on elevated work platforms often attached to stand-alone trailers or onto trucks. They look like cranes, with several jointed sections controlled so operators can extend the lift in different directions. From its humble beginnings, how are these aerial trucks changing the industry in their own way?


Manual labor industries like building construction and mining utilize specialized trucks and other equipment. To keep up with the business requirements and updates in standards, regular maintenance and replacement may come at significant costs. When purchasing used boom or bucket trucks, such as digger derricks, there are conditions you’d be wiser to steer clear of. (more…)