Using GPS on Bucket Trucks

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Business

Utility Fleet Transport

Fleet managers might well find it advantageous to install GPS units on their bucket trucks. GPS and navigation systems on utility vehicles can be helpful on many levels for fleet managers and utility workers alike, improving both the efficiency of the fleet as a whole and the safety of workers.

Fleet Managers

Fleet managers will reap benefits from having GPS and navigation systems installed on utility vehicles in that they can more carefully keep track of whether or not workers need to improve their efficiency. GPS systems show the driving habits of workers, the routes they travel to reach their work zones, how long they take to get there, and the speed at which they are traveling.

Utility Workers

Utility workers will benefit from having GPS installed on their bucket trucks in that they will be able to more easily find their way to job sites. Having firm routes to follow to work zones without having to worry about getting lost saves time and money. Route-planning with a GPS also enhances worker safety, since more of their attention can go toward traffic flow rather than trying to figure out routes on the fly. Workers can also use GPS systems to discover the quickest route to a job site, which saves time and fuel and lowers stress, giving them more time on the actual job and less time spent traveling to and fro. Used Terex Aerial Truck

Storm Response

Having GPS and navigation systems available for use during severe weather response can greatly enhance the safety and productivity of utility fleets and workers in the aftermath of a storm, whether hurricanes, tornadoes, or snow and ice storms. GPS makes it easier for managers to send workers to the places where they are most needed to help with ongoing restoration efforts

Bottom Line

Having data on driving habits helps with finding out how to make a utility fleet more cost-effective and productive, saving money on fuel and on insurance. GPS systems also let utility managers keep track of fleet equipment with much greater precision. The price of GPS and navigation systems have continued to come down in recent years, and they can also bring a great deal of value to your day-to-day fleet operation, which helps with bottom-line considerations.

GPS makes an excellent, cost-effective enhancement for any utility fleet. Bucket trucks and GPS systems make a top-notch combination for utility fleets that seek continuous improvement by striving to be as safe and productive as possible.


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