Safety First: Keeping Safe While Using Aerial Lifts

Posted: April 30, 2014 in Transportation and Logistics

Aerial lifts are aerial platforms that are often supported by booms and mounted on vehicles. A good example of these type of machines are bucket trucks. They are often used to reach high places, to do repairs and similar procedures. Many businesses use them for one purpose or another.

However, like all pieces of industrial equipment, there are some safety considerations. To make sure that your employees are safe, here are few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Proper training is one way to be safe. Never let any inexperienced user use the aerial lift.

  • Careful maintenance makes sure that no malfunctions happen. Without malfunctions, there are less chances for accidents.

  • The safety devices and precautions are there for a reason. Do not try to circumvent them for any reason.

  • Workers need a steady platform to work on. Make sure that the lift is positioned on a flat surface and will not move.

  • Employees should also avoid loitering beneath the boom and the basket, for safety reasons. The chance of them being crushed is a possibility.

  • Bucket trucks that are used work with or around power lines should always be treated as electrified. Clearance of three meters is recommended to avoid any accidents if not directly working on a power line.

  • Buy a harness to avoid accident falls or workers from being dragged out of the bucket.

Following these tips should help avoid accidents that can be fatal to your employees. Keep them in mind when operating your aerial lift.

  1. […] Visual inspections of a bucket truck are a crucial part of safety checks before embarking on a job. Should a truck operator discover problems with the safe functioning of a vehicle, the situation should be reported to a supervisor. Either the truck should be repaired, or another truck should be assigned for the job. […]

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